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Meet Danielle…

Danielle Boyd is an entrepreneur, truth seeker, wellness leader and learning junkie. She believes in a BALANCED lifestyle, growth mindset, self-love and listening to the spirit voice. She is an adventurer, a foodie, a traveller and lover of family, friends, wine, the lake and the mountains. She is not a dietitian or a counsellor, nor is she perfect, but she does have some self proclaimed nuggets of wisdom to share. She believes in big goals and setting the bar high without losing sight of what really matters. Danielle started The Balanced Collective as a platform to share what she has learned and continues to learn with a larger community. TBC has grown into a collective of offerings that help individuals and the community find their own best versions of balanced lives. Danielle has hosted international retreats, facilitated collaborative events and workshops throughout Vancouver, taught movement for over 200 people with lululemon and works one-on-one with individuals to achieve total physical and mindful optimization through physiotherapy and wellness coaching. She connects the dots between the mind, the body and the spirit and marries the concepts of science and spirituality in all that she does.


frequent collaborators //

shawna barker nutrition

Shawna Barker // Synergy Nutrition

Shawna Barker BSc., RHN is a nutritionist, raw food educator, college instructor, and an expert in plant-based nutrition. She is passionate about natural health and sustainable living. This interest led her to graduate with honours from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelors of Science degree in Food, Nutrition and Health, as well as the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition with a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition.


Shawna collaborates with TBC on events and retreats. Shawna has spoken at TBC events and on the TBC podcast sharing education on plant-based nutrition and also prepares her menu of delicious and nutritious plant-based meals for TBC retreats.

Shawna will be preparing amazing and nourishing meals for our next retreat in Gibsons BC.

laura murphy soulbody

Laura Murphy // SOULBODY

Laura guides women through their journey home to their own bodies. She enables them tune into and trust the whispers of their heart.

She believes WHOLEHEARTEDLY that we are all capable of living our wildest dreams…today, not after we retire. Our soul is constantly guiding us in the direction of our deepest desires, desires most of us aren’t even willing to speak out loud.

We have grown so disconnected from our bodies that we can’t hear the whispers of our own inner beacon. We are all capable of building a life we truly love to live, that is so in alignment with our truest self, we couldn’t imagine living any other way.

The SOULBODY journey is one that will take you to your core, your inner knowing. It requires breaking through blocks and peeling back layers of conditioning, beliefs, scar tissue, and defence. It is one of resistance, healing, clarity, and expansion; it is a journey HOME.


Laura collaborates with TBC for local events and retreats. Laura will be co-leading our next retreat in Gibsons BC.


Kiara Tchir // hiley

Kiara Tchir is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, the founder of hiley, and a passionate believer in plants. A common thread of empowering others to be their best selves emerged while working with disabled youth and those in addiction recovery, before returning to school for Natural Nutrition. Kiara has been studying plant-based diets since 2012 and is a certified Reiki practitioner. Her holistic approach encompasses body, mind and spirit to enable her clients to better understand who they are on a deeply individual level. Kiara loves to empower others to evoke change in their life and will happily tell you how she's done the same for herself. She loves reading, hot yoga, and dogs and is inspired by the power of natural foods to satisfy and promote healing, the bond between person and animal, and the human capacity to change.


Kiara collaborates with TBC’s Mobile Health program providing mobile Reiki and Energy Healing to clients in the comfort of their own home or office. To read her most recent blog post, click HERE.


Bethany Garant // Anomie Media

Anomie Media is a social media marketing and creative agency focused on brand development, visual storytelling and the digital marketing that brings it all to life.


Anomie Media has provided photography and branding for TBC and had travelled to Mexico with TBC to provide visual storytelling.


Ciara Farnan // Ciara ‘Oh Photo

Ciara is a natural light photographer in Vancouver, BC specializing in families, couples, portraits & friend sessions.


Ciara provides TBC with event and brand photography and media and has created some beautiful content for TBC.

mobile kinesiology vancouver

Pamela Cochrane // Kin To You

Pamela has been a practicing kinesiologist since graduating from the University of British Columbia in 2011.

Kin To You was started in 2016 to fill a gap in the healthcare system – everyone knows it’s important to exercise, but how much? and what kind is best? and how do you do it without hurting yourself?

There is a need for educated professionals to help people in their community feel confident exercising independently without pain or injury, so Kin To You was born to fill that gap! Kin To You provides mobile exercise rehabilitation throughout Metro Vancouver. Kinesiologists specialize in soft-tissue injury (such as whiplash from motor vehicle accidents), chronic pain (fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome), disease management, and active rehabilitation. Kinesiologists are all about movement!


Pamela collaborates with TBC Mobile Health and provides mobile Active Rehabilitation and Kinesiology services all around Vancouver and beyond.

megan barker

Megan Barker // Megan Media Design

Megan started Megan Media Design in September 2015 because she was unfulfilled in her regular job and knew she had more meaningful work to offer the world. She also enjoys travel and establishing her own work schedule based on her own productivity rhythms. She has used her career experience in sales, customer service and management combined with her education in business, web design and branding to help numerous women entrepreneurs who run service-based and product-based businesses.

She specializes in empowering clients to bring their businesses online so that they can achieve the fulfilment and location freedom they desire. With the incredible opportunities that social media has opened up for entrepreneurs of all industries... it's easier than ever before to accomplish that #LaptopLifestyle.


Megan provides consultation on branding, strategy and marketing for TBC.