10 Ways to End the Battle Against our Bodies

Everywhere we go we are constantly bombarded by messages in the media of what we should look like. Whether it is the crazy thin model on the Chanel campaign or the super fit mom on instagram, we are constantly reminded to “be better.” What if perhaps we just stopped for a minute and began to love ourselves instead of focusing on what we should be? Here are 10 ways to help the transition to self love:

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You are not your neighbor. You are not your co-worker. You are not Kim Kardashian. You are you. And the only way you can be your best self is if you stop trying to be someone else. Concentrate on what makes you special and unique and embrace it! One of my favorite sayings as of late is “If everyone threw their own problems into a hat, we would all want to take our own problems back.”

2. Unfollow Non-Motivational Individuals on Facebook and Instagram

There are some fantastic instagram accounts to follow for daily inspiration, however there are some that are the complete opposite and are in fact down right negative. Anything that tells you you aren't good enough shouldn't be in your news feed.

3. Exercise for Health and Wellbeing

Think about how you feel after a good workout. The endorphins are flowing and you are riding the high as you leave the gym or walk back into your house. That feeling should be what motivates you to exercise. The changes to your body will come as a side effect, however if you exercise for your health and how you feel, you will learn to love exercise and feel great about yourself at the same time.

4. Feed Yourself with Respect

Show your body some TLC by fueling it with healthy and filling foods and your body will thank you by being more energized and glowing. Slow down your eating, take time to grocery shop and prep meals for the next day and choose consciousness over fast food. Filling yourself with junk and fast food will only add to the cycle of self judgement.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

Rid yourself of toxic people in your life. If you have friends who are constantly belittleing you or themselves, or a boyfriend who repeatedly reminds you that you are carrying a little extra weight, separate your self. You do not deserve that treatment in your life.

6. Forgive Yourself

It is only human to make mistakes or fall off the proverbial wagon. Don’t berate yourself for having a bad eating week, or drinking too much on the weekend. Don’t force yourself on a cleanse or massive exercise spree. Just get back into your balanced routine and you will find yourself much happier.

7. Understand that if its in the Media – Its Not Real

Images on the internet, in magazines and on TV are not real. All the models and actors have had hours of hair and make up done and the images have been hardcore photoshopped. This isn’t even close to a realistic goal. Take any images you see in the media with a grain of salt.

8. Dress for Your Body

Find an outfit that you feel great in and rock it! Don’t try to wear clothing that you don’t feel good in or are constantly tugging at because you will spend the remainder of your day being self conscious and wondering what people are thinking.

9. Enough with the Negative Self Talk

No more talking badly about yourself. Not in your head or to anyone else. Find something you love about your self and celebrate it. The power of self love is incredible. When you change your attitude about yourself, not only will you start to feel more positive about yourself and develop more confidence, people around you will notice as well and gravitate towards your positivity.

10. Appreciate What Your Body Can Do!

Our bodies are vessels and our minds are endless. Every single person is unique and everyone had incredible capabilities. Celebrate your abilities. Maybe you mastered a new yoga pose – that is pretty darn awesome! Your body is filled with billions of cells that are constantly in action to run your body. Learning about the human body can help you to appreciate it even more! Appreciate the abilities you have, don’t shame the inabilities. Our bodies carry babies for crying out loud. That is something worth celebrating.