11 Ways to Stay Fit While Travelling

If anyone knows a thing about me it is that I LOVE to travel, but I know all too well how easy it is to fall off the wagon on a trip. 6 months of carousing in Australia and later 4 months of indulgence in Europe taught me a few important lessons in keeping fit while traveling for some of my more recent trips.

Some of my favorite methods to keep in check on the road:


Opt for a comfortable pair of shoes and see the sights on your feet. Most big cities offer free walking tours (I do encourage a generous tip at the end especially if you enjoyed said tour) that cover most of the popular sights and provide a great way to meet fellow tourists. Even if you aren’t on a tour, grab your map, or because there is wifi on every corner, your iPhone and hit the streets yourself.

2. Do your research

Before you embark on your journey, check out what your destination has to offer. Maybe they have really famous yoga classes, or an awesome hike to do. Check out Groupon and Living Social to see if your destination has any deals on bike rentals or kayak trips.

3. Rent a bike.

It is so easy to rent a bike now where ever you are. Some of my most memorable trips have resulted from awesome bike rides. They allow you explore beyond the city limits and get exercise while you are at it. Some of my favorite rides were in San Francisco over the GG bridge on into Tiburon, as well as a large tour around the moonscape land of Cappadocia in Turkey.

4. Run!

Checking out a new destination while running is a fantastic way to explore and keep fit. If you are on a beach vacation, run along the beach in the sand for some added resistance and some gorgeous beach views.

5. Prepare some of your own meals.

Taking care of your own breakfasts or lunches can help to eliminate uneeded calories and can also help keep some cash in your pocket. Picking up some yogurt and fruit at the market to have each morning is a healthy alternative to a big buffet breakfast. Making your own wraps, sandwiches or snacks to take with you for the day is another great way to ensure you know exactly what you are fuelling your body with and keep spending low.

6. Eat like a local.

Visiting local farmer’s markets or fruit stands is a great way to stock up on healthy and fresh local fare. Some of the best fruit I have ever had has come from roadside stands in Malaysia, Thailand and India. Not only are you eating fresh and healthy, but you are supporting local farmers.

7. Do body weight exercises.

Arm yourself with a handful of body weight exercises that you can do on the road (in your hotel room, on the beach, in a park) and try to do some of them everyday. Body weight exercises are easy to do and FREE!

8. Watch your liquid consumption.

I am the first on to admit that I love to have big glass of wine or an ice cold beer while on vacation (or just at home after a long day), but it is important to be mindful of how much you are consuming. One pint of beer packs up to 200 calories, while a 6oz glass of wine has up to 175. Some cocktails contain large amounts of sugar and can quickly add a lot of calories. Choosing options with less sugar and using soda water are good way to decrease sugar intake.

9. Take stretch breaks on long trips.

One of the down sides of travel is actually getting to your destination. Long flights, train rides and car drives can equal one stiff and sore body once you arrive. Standing up during your flight and walking around in the train are important to keep your body limber and prevent blood from pooling in your legs. If you are driving, make lots of pit stops. Get out and explore your surroundings.

10. Be adventerous!

Are you going to Hawaii? Sign up for a surf lesson. Going to Thailand? Try rock climbing. Heading to Central America? Get your snorkel gear ready. Heading to the Alps? Ski your heart out. Most areas have a sport or adventure that they are known for. What better time than on a holiday to get outside of your comfort zone and try something new.


It is super easy to get caught up stressing about gaining weight or losing fitness on your trip. You have put in enough work before and you will again after your trip. Vacation and travel are for indulgence, and you have earned a vacation, so you have earned some indulgence. Enjoy that Parisian pastry and eat all the Italian gelato. It is all part of the experience and indulgence (every now and then) is important for sanity.