7 Ways to Keep Active in Vancouver This Rainy Fall

Ah fall in Vancouver. AKA All rain no ski. This shoulder season is always a tough one to find motivation to move. It is wet outside, but the mountains aren't open for skiing yet. Running, biking and hiking are no fun when it is miserable out, so here are some more "weather friendly" ways to keep active this fall in Vancouver.

1. Go climbing! Check out The Hive to go bouldering in both Vancouver and North Vancouver. Bouldering is a great way to introduce yourself to climbing without all the gear. 

2. Stay warm with a hot yoga class! Check out a Bikram, YYoga or Moksha Yoga class all around the city. Hot yoga is a great way to get your heart rate up while stretching and strengthening your muscles. Make sure to drink lots of H20 prior and afterwards!

3. Get your spin on! There are plenty of great indoor cycling studios in Vancouver! A personal favourite of mine is Method Indoor Cycling Studio

4. Have a go at a drop-in skating time at your local community centre! Dust off the blades and get your skate on! You'll discover muscles you forgot you had!

5. Check out a drop-in dance class at Harbour Dance. They have plenty of intro and beginner drop-in classes for all levels!

6. Clean House! Seriously! Spend a few hours purging all your unused goods and give your place a solid once-over to not only burn mega cals, but feel good about having a clean place and donating anything you are getting rid of!

7. Give you hand a try at Parkour! Not only are the movements required for parkour extremely functional, it is a super FUN workout! 

BONUS! My favourite way to access an entire network of classes and studios in Vancouver is through the app ClassPass. There are a few different plans and payment options, but essentially it lets you sign up for any class on the app for a fraction of the drop in rate. Check out the link below to get a $30 credit towards your ClassPass membership!



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