The BEST ways to motivate yourself to workout when you just don’t feel like it

Motivation often comes and goes when it comes to a workout plan. Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything. I can attest to that – BIG TIME. These are some of the best tricks I have learned to get out of a slump and into a sweat in no time!

1. Commit yourself to just trying to do 5 minutes of work. This goes for not only exercise, but work, chores and other tasks that might not be so inviting. Try getting outside and telling yourself you are just going to go for a 5 minute walk then you can go back to what you were doing. Without fail, you will continue your walk for far longer than the 5 minutes you set out to do and will be fantastic afterwards.

2. Put your workout gear on. By just putting your clothes on you might feel just that much more invested in your workout. It feels pretty silly to put your clothes on and not actually get any work done. Even if it is only 5 minutes

3. Download (legally of course!) a new album or a new podcast that you are really excited to listen to, and only allow your self to hear them while you are exercising (or doing whatever it is you need to get done).

4. Reward yourself. For every workout you do, put 2 dollars in a jar and start saving for something you really want. The more workouts you do, the sooner your reward will come! Hello new shoes… and great legs to go with them!