The Balanced Collective Rebrand

danielle boyd

As you may have noticed, there have been a few changes here at The Balanced Collective. The little blog I started a few years ago has grown into something far beyond my imagination. A podcast, workshops, retreats, amazing new friends and incredible community building. As such, I wanted to re-organize the site and re-align my vision for TBC. 

Over the past few years working as a physiotherapist, I realized it is really easy to become burned out and fall into patterns of exhaustion. I went on a quest to learn how other health practitioners and entrepreneurs manage their own energy levels and what sort of self-care optimizes their well being. From there, the podcast was born as a way to share the conversations I was having with these brilliant people. The Balanced Collective podcast now has 3 new episodes streaming with many more to be launched in the new year. 

As I learned more and more about the importance of self care, I wanted to be able to offer people ways to participate in some of these self care methods and to learn what their optimal work/self/lifestyle balance is. Through that desire, The Balanced Experience retreat and The Balanced Sessions workshops were born. The retreat was designed as a week of pure self care and balance designed to totally re-energize and revitalize. After hosting my first retreat in Mexico, I realized just how truly effective retreats are for rejuvenating the mind body and soul and will continue to host these transformative experiences. The Balanced Sessions will be launching in January and are a series of health and wellness workshops incorporating movement, food and drink, networking and education. These evening events are aimed at helping attendees find their own version of balance and an optimal self care plan for themselves. They are essentially an evening of self care - a mini-retreat if you will. Our first event is on January 23rd at RYU in Vancouver and will be featuring yoga with Ally Bradshaw, a education seminar with Dr. Adrianna Hanson and food and drink with local wellness vendors. More info HERE.

All of these exciting new endeavours called for a little revamp, some new content and some DISCOUNTS! In celebration of these exciting changes, I am offering a $300 discount on The Balanced Experience retreat in Mexico in October 2018. Use the code TBE2017 on your deposit to lock in your $300 discount. You have until Dec 31st, 2017 to use the code. 

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support of The Balanced Collective and all its evolutions. I am really excited about the direction things are headed and I am always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to reach out! I love to collaborate and I love to connect. 

I have also launched a new freebie for all my subscribers and I want to make sure YOU get copy! Be sure to pop your email address in the form below to make sure you get your FREE Guide to Keeping Fit While Travelling!

Much Love!!

xo Danielle


Danielle Boyd