The Single Best Way to Improve Your Diet

The Single Best Way to Improve Your Diet

Cut this out! Stop eating that! We are constantly told that the best way to improve our diets to cut out sugar, dairy, carbs, meat, gluten and everything in between. While I agree that moderation is key and some foods are more necessary to avoid than others, the BEST way you can improve you diet is not by cutting anything out. Wait, WHAT!? Yes - you don't need to cut anything out to eat better, in fact, the secret is to add to you diet. Add what?

More vegetables and more fruit. 

Seriously, it's that simple. Adding more fruit and veg to every meal will not only bump up your nutrition level, it will fill you up more. The fuller you are on healthy fruits and veg, the less your chance of reaching for seconds (or thirds) of other less desirable food options. Making veggies and fruits a priority in your diet will not only provide better quality nutrition, you will eventually start to crave more fruits and veggies and crave less sugary and greasy foods. 

Making a smoothie? Add a handful of spinach

Having yogurt or oatmeal in morning? Throw some berries on top

Making delicious crepes? Cut up some bananas and add them in

Eggs for breakfast? Chop up some tomatoes and avocado and spice them up with salt and pepper and place on the side.

Dinner time? Chop up a simple salad on the side of spinach, tomato and cucumber and liven it up with a simple dressing (oil, vinegar and salt and pepper works wonders)

Snack time? Mix in an apple or some chopped veggies and hummus with your typical snack.

You don't need to eliminate anything, add in more fruit and veg and the elimination will happen naturally. You will be more full and satisfied from your healthier options that you won't need to reach for those snack sized chips at lunch and you will crave a side salad instead of fries. 

Danielle Boyd