10 Self-Loving Resolutions for 2019


The new year has arrived and resolutions are a-plenty! In recent years, I haven't made many resolutions, mostly because when I have made them in the past, I have found myself disappointed that I didn't "lose 10 pounds" or "not drink at all in January" or "stop swearing" (lets be real - that one will never happen). 

This year, instead of creating a resolution, I am setting intentions for the year. My intention this year is to be more self-loving and more accepting of things I cannot control. You can join me in this intention with some of these more self-loving and self-accepting resolutions and intentions:



1. In 2019 I will learn to love and appreciate my body for all the badass things it can do. 

2. In 2019 I will feed my body with nutritious food and not punish myself when I enjoy less healthy options. 

3. In 2019 I will practice gratitude and attempt to look at all stressful situations through a lens of learning and growth. 

4. In 2019 I will move my body to maintain and improve my health and not solely to change it's appearance. 

5. In 2019 I will practice self care and relaxation through journalling, meditation, spending time in nature or reading.

6. In 2019 I will say NO to participating in events and activities that don't fill my cup. 

7. In 2019 I will surround myself with the people that I love and that lift me up. I will spend less time with those that are toxic and bring me down.

8. In 2019 I will learn to embrace change and accept the things I cannot control.

9. In 2019 I will honour my worth and will not self-sabotage or de-valuate myself.

10. In 2019 I will invest in myself - I will participate in courses, events and retreats that improve my own well being. 

Danielle Boyd