Life Lessons from Indie


Its been a tough couple of weeks for myself and my family. Last week we said goodbye to our special little guy Indie. Indie was with us for 13 years and I would not trade a single day of those years for anything. He brought an immense amount of joy, laughter and fun into our lives and during that time I think we all learned a few things from him and I want to let his legacy live on through these lessons.

  1. Love unconditionally. Indie never judged anyone and was always the happiest (and zoomiest) when friends came to visit him. I want to treat everyone close to me with this same love and excitement that he did.

  2. Choose joy and fun. Playing was Indie’s favourite thing (especially when it was time to go to bed). We all had so much joy out of laying on the floor playing tug of war and wrestling with that little guy. He always managed to sneak in some belly rubs then too. It is amazing how much joy such a small little fur ball can bring. You really don’t need a lot to have fun and we could all use some more of it in our lives.

  3. Always seize every opportunity to eat food. Ok maybe not every opportunity, but treats are pretty awesome. One of my favourite memories of Indie (please note the white fur) is when dad was making a large roast on the BBQ one summer. Dad noticed that the juices from the roast were dripping off of the edge of the tray and when we looked down Indie was underneath the tray, mouth open and tongue out trying to catch every little drop he possibly could. He looked like he had massacred a large animal.

  4. Cuddles make everything better. Even when you were so distraught or frustrated, somehow a snuggle from him could make you feel so much better. Physical touch is a language in itself and dogs are so good at communicating with it. Let’s give more hugs and snuggle a little bit more.

  5. Get outside. Indie loved being outside (at Green Lake especially) and never missed an opportunity to roll in the mud, dirt, sand or drywall dust and get filthy (much to my parents dismay). Let’s all get outside and dirty a little bit more. Its good for the soul.

  6. Family is everything. We have always been a very close family, but Indie brought us even closer. He is our family. Dogs play such an integral role in our lives. Life in our family will go on, but it won’t be the same. He nuzzled his way into our hearts and grew them into shapes we would have never known without him and we will all share an incredible and special bond because of him.

I will forever be grateful for our short 13 years with Indie. I know that he is now eating all the cheese and pepperoni, running around chasing birds and squirrels and hanging out with his buds Kuna and Pepper now.

Cheers to you our little buddy. Thank you for giving us so much love and joy in your short time with us. We are going to miss you and your zest for life so much.

Danielle Boyd