10 Ways to Add a Little Bit More Mindfulness to your Day.

Happy New Year!


We are going into 2019 feeling very grateful and loving and looking forward to seeing that the universe has in store for all of us this year.

This past December, TBC teamed up with Brittany Miller of Fit by Britt to bring you a December Movement and Mindfulness Challenge and we wanted to re-cap and share some of the awesome mindfulness challenges we included as well as a few other little things that can make our lives a little bit more mindful. Here are some of our favourite mindfulness exercises from the challenge:

  1. Stop and take 10 deep breaths (give or take) and focus only on your breathing. With each inhale think "I am inhaling" and each exhale think "I am exhaling.

  2. Before your next meal, sit down, slow down and take your first few breaths consciously, no phone, no other tasks. Do nothing else but eat mindfully. Even if it is only for the first couple of bites.

  3. Write down 3 things you are grateful for today.

  4. Schedule yourself a self-care appointment - this can be anything you desire that you think will make you feel a little better. Some ideas are book a massage, a haircut, a coffee date with a friend or a float tank session.

  5. Go to bed a few minutes earlier than you normally would - even just 5 minutes.

  6. Send a text or an email to someone you have been thinking about lately.

  7. Think of a situation that you might be a little stressed or anxious about and visualize it going exactly as you want it to.

  8. Make yourself a cup or tea or pour yourself a glass of wine (because #balancedaf) and enjoy it mindfully without any distractions.

  9. Have a listen to a short guided meditation - there are some great apps out there like Insight Timer and Calm, however we love our friend Laura Murphy’s Guided Meditations that she creates for her project Soulbody.co

  10. Take a walk outside without any distractions, no phone, no music, just good ol fashioned movement.

Danielle Boyd