What is Anatomy in Motion?


When people ask me what I do I tell them I’m a movement coach and an Anatomy in Motion (AiM) practitioner. The next question is usually ‘what is Anatomy in Motion?’

It’s a form of movement therapy that relies upon a blueprint of the ideal way our bodies are designed to move. The founder, Gary Ward, looked at the shapes of the surfaces of our joints, how much potential the bones have for articulating within those joints, and the directions in which the muscles can contract. From that information he built a model of human movement.

AiM differs from other bodywork modalities because it’s a joint-centred view of movement. If we can open and closed each joint fully in each plane of motion, then we have full access to efficient and pain-free movement. Not only do AiM practitioners look at joint function, a lot of our practice comes down to foot function and how well we walk. Gary noticed that restoring foot function had a massive impact on how well our whole body moves, and vice versa. Good foot function opens up access to the full range of motion of the joints throughout our entire body. Surprisingly, proper foot function can relieve knee pain, hip pain, back pain and pain as far away as the neck.

Trainers nowadays know that being able to do to simplest of human movements really well, like walking, means we can also do the most challenging movements well. AiM works on the idea that if we can walk well we can do any movement well. We need to be able to access the full range of motion of our joints in all planes of motion with ease with every foot step. The way we walk reveals a surprising amount of information about our injury history and our daily habits.

My clients are from all walks of life. Typically they’ve tried everything to relieve their pain and the frustration of never really getting back to normal. Take for example one client who came to me after trying ‘everything’. He had a long list of injuries from a very active life and he was physically and emotionally uncomfortable in his own skin. We worked slowly on getting all his joints to remember how they were meant to move, step by step. Over the course of a few months his body and mind underwent huge shifts. His confidence grew so much he was able to quit his stressful project management job and start his own business.

In my practice, I am trained to assess and restore range of motion at the joint level and educate you on why your body seems to be betraying you. My goal, ultimately, is to work with you to develop your own toolkit to assess and restore the niggling pains and off-kilter alignments in your body, and save you time, energy and money so you can be a better consumer of your health care dollars and be more efficient in your wellness.

- Holly Middleton

Holly is available for mobile movement coaching and AiM assessments in the comfort of your own home or location of choice. To book your session with Holly please fill in the form below! We will be in touch!

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