Episode 05 - Shawna Barker and Janel Brine

On this episode we welcome two badass and brilliant minds to the podcast. Shawna Barker and Janel Brine drop some big time info and truth bombs about veganism and a plant-based diet. These two debunk common myths, explain nutritional concepts and show just how easy transitioning to a more plant-based lifestyle can be. 

Some of the big topics we hit on:

 - Protein - how much do we really need? Where can we get it in a plant-based form?

 - Soy - what is with all the hype about estrogen and soy?

 - Collagen supplements - what is it? Do we need it?

 - Supplements - which ones are needed in a vegan diet and why?

 - The difference between a plant-based and a vegan diet.

This episode is educational, inspirational and full of nuggets of wisdom. All your questions about plant-based nutrition are answered here. Note - a study referenced in the discussion re: soy was stated to have had 30 servings of soy/day. The study actually had 20 servings/day. You can check it out here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18558591.

For more nutrition information and literature, be sure to visit www.nutritionfacts.com

Want to learn more about Shawna and Janel - Here you are:

Shawna Barker - Synergy Nutrition - www.synergynutrition.ca

Janel Brine - Raincity Athletics - @janelbrine

Danielle Boyd