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We don’t mean to brag, but we have a pretty great team of practitioners if we don’t say so ourselves… Here at TBC we pride ourselves on putting together a team of not only incredibly knowledgeable and talented practitioners, but kind, respectful and personable people. Skill and ability do not translate if a strong relationship is not built between the practitioner and the client. Our priority is to make you feel comfortable, safe, heard and respected. We work with you to create an optimal health care plan that reaches your goals.


danielle boyd

Founder. Physiotherapist. Wellness Coach.

Although her pathway to becoming a physiotherapist was typical of that of most of her classmates (girl plays sports, girl gets injured, girls falls in love with physio), her pathway since graduating has been far more unconventional. Early in her career she was introduced to NeuroKinetic Therapy, which she calls her gateway drug into learning about the intricacies of the nervous system and its role in movement and pain. After completing the whole NKT syllabus, she forayed deeper into learning about the nervous system through Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex and is now one of the very few Canadian practitioners of this incredible technique. Her studies in these techniques have also encouraged her to explore further education in acupuncture, integrated cranial and functional movement.

Danielle’s most recent focus has been around the role mindset, emotions and trauma play in the body and in creating pain. Her passion is to bridge the gap between science and spirit and this has led her to study with the College of Mind Body Spirit to become a Wellness Coach and address the more emotional and lifestyle portions of wellness and pain.

Danielle is available for Mobile Physiotherapy in Vancouver and the North Shore as well as remotely for Wellness Coaching and Mentoring.



Kiara Tchir

Holistic Nutritionist. Reiki Energy Healer.

Kiara Tchir is a Certified Reiki Healer, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, founder of hiley, and a passionate believer in plants. A common thread of empowering others to be their best selves emerged while working with disabled youth and those in addiction recovery, before returning to school for Natural Nutrition. Kiara has been studying plant-based diets since 2012. Her holistic approach encompasses body, mind and spirit to enable her clients to better understand who they are on a deeply individual level. Kiara loves to empower others to evoke change in their life and will happily tell you how she's done the same for herself. She loves reading, hot yoga, and dogs and is inspired by the power of natural foods to satisfy and promote healing, the bond between person and animal, and the human capacity to change. Her understanding of the body’s energetic systems is beautifully woven in both her nutritional approach as well as her Reiki Energy healing sessions.

Kiara is available for Holistic Nutrition Consulting remotely and in-home Reiki Energy Healing in Vancouver and surrounding areas.



Holly middleton

Movement Coach. Anatomy in Motion Practitioner.

Flow Movement

Holly Middleton is a specialist in high-performance movement therapy who works with high-level athletes who are injured or have hit a training plateau. Holly specializes in assessing movement dysfunctions and restoring range of motion lost due to injury or compensation. She has 20 years of dance training and movement assessment experience and is an Anatomy in Motion practitioner with a PhD in biology and experience teaching anatomy. She is a CanFitPro certified Personal Training Specialist. She has two decades of experience as a high-performance athlete, is a graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School and is a reigning Canadian and World Amateur Champion in salsa and latin hustle. Currently she competes, performs, and is a salsa instructor at Dance Vancouver. Holly is the founder of Flow Movement.

Holly is available in Vancouver and the North Shore for mobile Movement Coaching and Anatomy in Motion sessions.

north vancouver mobile personal trainer


Personal Trainer. Lifestyle Coach.

Jump Coaching

Hedi is an ACE certified personal trainer and a former urbanist. She's a believer in holistic approach towards health and fitness. Hedi helps people who want to overcome their perceived limits with exercise through movement and mindfulness, so they can experience a greater joy and performance in their lives. Hedi is the founder of Jump Coaching.

Hedi is available for mobile Personal Training and Movement Coaching in Vancouver and the North Shore.