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Mobile Physiotherapy

Danielle is a gifted healer with an intuitive approach to optimizing movement and decreasing pain. Danielle is passionate about bridging the gap between science and spirit and blends both beautifully in her treatments. Her understanding of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems is on another level and the joy she gets from helping clients is radiant. She uses unique assessment and treatment techniques including P-DTR, NKT, acupuncture and integrated cranial to hone in on and improve your physical health.

danielle boyd

Wellness Coaching

While physiotherapy is incredibly powerful for optimizing movement and decreasing pain, it doesn’t address the whole story. Danielle’s wellness coaching approach looks at the mind, the body and the spirit and brings all of these elements together. Working one-on-one with Danielle will help you to achieve wellness in all aspects of your life and give you concrete action items that you can use on the daily to optimize your life. Danielle’s energy is infectious and you will not regret working with her.

retreat coach

Retreat Planning Mentorship

Wanting to host your very own retreat but not quite sure where to start? Look no further. From planning successful local and international retreats and from failing to fill retreats, Danielle has done it all and learned an incredible amount of valuable knowledge in her journey. She is now sharing everything she learned to help you plan the most transformative and surreal retreats. Danielle has devoted countless hours to retreat planning and her ultimate passion is combining her knowledge of health and wellness with her undying love of travel.


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