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10 cm Cork Peanut

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Product description:
This powerful peanut has got your back! The Balanced Collective’s Peanut Cork Massage Ball is designed to release soreness and tension found in your spine (think base of your neck, your mid back and between the shoulder blades).


  • Made from 100% natural cork
  • Sustainably made and eco-friendly
  • Designed for easy transport
  • Offers firm pressure
  • Cork material offers each ball to target hard to reach knots and release tension
  • This powerful peanut is fantastic to lay on top of with the round ends on either side of your spine. The narrow part in the middle avoids the bony part of the spine allowing you to release the muscles without the pressure on your spinal vertebrae. 


  • This double ball is great for releasing anything near a bony prominence, the dip in the middle creates a cradle that protects the bony spot from too much pressure - i.e. along your spine or any other spiney spots.
  • Double the pressure, double the fun! Get two trigger points in a muscle at the same time.


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