4 Benefits of Yoga Nidra
Feb 02, 23

4 Benefits of Yoga Nidra

In a previous post, we dove into the practice of yoga nidra. Check out that post for more background into this transformational practice. As a refresher, yoga nidra also means “yogic sleep”. It involves following along to a guided meditation while lying down (or sitting), and entering into a deep, relaxing, meditative state. In this post we will take a closer look at the specific benefits of yoga nidra. And remember, like anything, the benefits will increase exponentially with a regular practice.


4 Benefits of Yoga Nidra:

  1. Accessible to Everyone:

Unlike a power yoga class in a heated room, the yoga nidra practice is accessible to most people. All you need to do is lie down (or sit down, or find any comfortable position) and follow along to a guided meditation. So, if you’ve been feeling ready to give up on yoga, do not fear! The yoga nidra practice is for you, and everyone else.
  1. You are Guided:

Unlike some meditation practices that involve sitting in silence (which have their own incredible benefits), the yoga nidra practice is always guided. Many people, especially those new to a mediation practice, struggle to maintain focus in silence, or they get restless or bored. During a yoga nidra practice you are listening to someone’s voice guide you through the whole thing, always giving you something (such as your breath or sensations in your body) to focus on.
  1. It’s Like a Nap:

My favourite part about yoga nidra is how rejuvenated I feel afterwards. Whether you stay awake or fall asleep, you enter a state of deep relaxation that recharges you. If you do fall asleep, you will still reap the benefits of the practice while your subconscious receives the messages of the practice. After 20 minutes of yoga nidra, you will feel like you got an extra few hours of sleep.
  1. Easy to Integrate Into Your Practice:

Due to it’s naturally easy nature, incorporating yoga nidra into your daily routine is relatively easy. Though not the most conventional use, I personally find it easiest to practice yoga nidra while still in bed in the morning, or when I get into bed for sleep. I am already lying down, comfortable, and in a quiet environment. I will also use it when feeling overwhelmed during the day as a way to slow down completely, reset my nervous system and recharge.


The benefits of yoga nidra are endless, and I hope this post has inspired you to give it a try. Wishing you rest, peace and ease.

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Kiah Loewen, RYT200