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Physiotherapists are primary health care professionals with a significant role in health promotion and treatment of injury and disease. They combine their in-depth knowledge of the body and how it works with specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose, and treat symptoms of illness, injury, or disability.

Our physiotherapists like to evaluate and treat outside of the traditional rehab box. Using innovative techniques and problem-solving skills, we get to the root of the problem and don’t just mask symptoms.

In-person physiotherapy sessions at 500-224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver. If an online session is more your style, we are also available for virtual telehealth sessions.

Danielle Boyd, a Physiotherapist, and a Kinesiologist performing active rehab at The Balanced Collective

Active Rehab

Active Rehab is a dynamic-movement-specific treatment that involves all the benefits of a Physiotherapist with the combined precision of a personal trainer or Kinesiologist. Receive support from an expert team dedicated to reducing long-term injuries and decreasing pain, while increasing confidence and strength in your body.

Active Rehab begins with a detailed, high-level assessment completed by a Physiotherapist, who will develop a uniquely tailored treatment plan. Then, during your next session(s), a personal trainer or Kinesiologist will carry out the program under the supervision of the Physiotherapist. Finally, you’ll continue to meet with your physiotherapist in between for progress check-ins and treatment modifications.

1. Late stage post-surgical rehab
2. Sports & repetitive strain injuries
3. Concussions
4. Car accidents
5. Chronic pain
6. Treatment of muscular imbalances:
> Sedentary/desk jobs (with or without repetitive motion): teachers, designers, accountants, etc.
> Active work: nurses, police officers, fire fighters, etc.
7. Osteoarthritis
8. Sciatica
9. Low back pain

Sometimes it can be challenging to see your physiotherapist for hands-on therapy in a timely manner and with an active rehab program you are not only receiving high quality movement coaching between your hands-on physiotherapy sessions, your physiotherapist is committed to seeing you in a timely manner to ensure your program is up to date and modified appropriately, meaning you will feel better even sooner.

Active Rehab is considered an essential part of physiotherapy, therefore, you can use your extended health care to cover some or all of the costs. We also offer direct billing.

Have questions? Ready to get started? Book a free 15min consult with an Active Rehab specialist.


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What you can expect in our sessions


The team at TBC is committed to practicing with the highest level of integrity, respect and care possible. Wherever you’re at in your health journey, we welcome you.


We’re committed to continuously improving and learning so you’ll always be given the highest quality services and products to the best of our abilities.

Unique Techniques

Each treatment plan includes cutting edge techniques uniquely tailored to suit you. No two nervous systems are the same so no two sessions will be either.

Trauma Informed

Our trauma-informed team understands how to navigate and respect your unique history while creating the most sensitive and appropriate plan for you.

Woman using a therapy back roller for her physiotherapy and active rehab programs at The Balanced Collective


Rates are based on your health practitioner and service. We can happily direct bill to your extended health benefits provider for some services or to ICBC with a case number. We do not bill to WSBC.

Physiotherapy: $95 - $175

Active Rehab: $110 - $150


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