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Oh baby! We want you to feel good, heard and seen. We combine trauma informed practices with cutting edge techniques.

Who we are

TBC is a collective of practitioners, services and environmentally friendly-products designed to facilitate your journey towards wellness, health and balance; whatever that means to you. As a team, TBC is committed to supporting you as you navigate the (sometimes overwhelming) process that is wellness and balance.

What makes TBC special isn’t just that we have an incredible array of advanced and powerful modalities and resources, it’s that we care deeply about our clients and customers and go above and beyond to ensure every individual feels heard, seen and supported.

At TBC, we believe that wellness is a balance of vulnerable and real work, combined with plenty of moments of ease, joy and fun. Health doesn’t have to be hard and serious all the time–we want you to enjoy the journey and have great connections along the way. We are ready to get down to business… and have a few laughs along the way.


We don’t mean to brag, but we have a pretty incredible team of people available for in-person and virtual services. Get to know the team below.
Danielle Boyd, a Physiotherapist, jumping for joy at The Balanced Collective

Danielle Boyd

She/Her **Not currently accepting new clients **

Role: Physiotherapist and Founder of TBC

Favourite Body Part: The Sphenoid

Ask me about

My days as a competitive wakeboarder
Favourite Wine
Anything travel related


Using a unique and cutting edge set of assessment and treatment modalities, I like to look at each client as a whole. I take a thorough and detailed history to get a deep understanding of each client and the unique history they have experienced in order to create a detailed map of their nervous system. This history is the most important facet of treatment as it allows me to navigate the intricacies of every unique person I work with. Nothing is cookie cutter because no two nervous systems have had the same experiences. Together, we then create a unique and detailed treatment plan that aligns with each client’s goals and needs. Danielle also speaks French.

Courses and Certifications

  • Proprioceptive - Deep Tendon Reflex (P-DTR) Advanced
  • NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) Level 3; IMTAP Certified
  • Ortho Canada Level 1 Manual Therapy
  • Acupuncture Canada Certified
  • 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training (The Lab of Meditation)
  • Selective Functional Movement
  • Assessment (SFMA) Level 1
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Mind Body Spirit Coaching 1 Year Certification Course

TBC's Extended Practitioner Network:

TBC is proud to collaborate with many other incredible providers in British Columbia to provide physiotherapy and active rehab including:
  • Kinected Strength at SHY Practice - North Vancouver (Jess Pastro, Briana Kelly, Andrea Brennan and David Ewart)
  • Rejuv Medical Fitness - North Vancouver (Taylor Romanchuk)
  • Restore Mvmnt - Vancouver (Arissa Martin)
  • Exhale Centre Kamloops (Natalie Saari, Nicole Hildebrand, Sue Grono)
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