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Somatic Emotional Awareness (The S.E.A. Practice) Course

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The SEA Practice is a self-paced course, 6 modules in total, taught by Danielle Boyd MPT, BHK. Developed to help foster self-connection, this course covers the fundamentals of the nervous system, the neurological & physiological aspects of feeling, and offers somatic meditations & movement classes for self-exploration. After completion, you'll be better able to comprehend & access your emotional somatic landscape, have the resources to manage difficult emotions, understand the functional anatomy of the nervous system & emotion, & communicate more effectively based on nervous-system regulation & somatic emotional understanding.


What is Somatic Emotional Awareness?

Emotional awareness is our ability to know and understand what emotional process we are experiencing. Adding a somatic piece to this allows us to include understanding and experiencing this emotion in the body and not just at a cognitive level. Our emotions are considered “feelings” because they carry a sensation in the body. Becoming aware of these sensations and feelings in the body is a very important tool to support us in navigating our interactions, exposing what our core values are and facilitating the interpretation of what is safe and unsafe.

In this 6-week workshop, we are going to navigate the spectrum of human emotion in the body and learn the unique languages of our bodies. Every body has a unique sensory experience that is based on our own history and experiences and during our time together, you will learn your own language unique to your body.


In every module, we will explore a different emotion and its various shades.

Module 1: Welcome. An introduction to the nervous system and the mind-body connection.

Module 2: Fear. The kidney/bladder connection. The role fear plays in the human experience.

Module 3: Sadness. The lung/large intestine connection. The role sadness plays in our experience.

Module 4: Anger. The liver/gallbladder connection. The role of anger in the body.

Module 5: Worry. The stomach/spleen connection. The role of worry and how it differs from fear.

Module 6: Joy. The heart/small intestine connection. The role of joy and optimism in life.


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